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Title Type Date Size
Performance of a Discovery Layer According to the IFLA Functional Requirements For Bibliographic Records (FRBR) report 2011-04-03 2.3MB
The Structure of Descriptive Vocabularies for Online Findability: Comparing user experience of a folksonomy, thesaurus, and taxonomy report 2011-08-16 328KB
The Impact of Search Engines on the Quality of Research by Tertiary Students report 2010-08-27 135KB
Information Organization: Requirments and recommendations for a small research library report 2011-06-06 225KB
Institutional Repositories in Australia: An annotated bibliography for academics report 2011-06-02 311KB
Day and Knight Legal Resource Centre: A supplier evaluation model report 2011-10-13 221KB
Day and Knight Legal Resource Centre: A supplier evaluation model decision tool 2011-10-13 66KB
Metadata in Institutional Repositories: Concepts and considerations report 2011-05-29 422KB
Pain-reactive Heart-Rate Variability in Sympathetically Disturbed and Non-Sympathetically Disturbed Individuals With Chronic Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) journal article 2007-09-12 295KB
The Pain Ambulatory Monitoring Survey: Development and validation of an instrument for momentary within-day assessments of pain and cognitive-behavioural factors journal article 2006-07-20 315kb
Pain Appraisals, Coping, And Adjustment In Daily-Life With Chronic Pain: An ecological momentary assessment study thesis (PhD) 2005-03-30 4.4MB
Ben Chadwick - CV resume 2012-09-12 119KB
Film Resource Database (Fired-Up): User guide and maintainer's manual manual 2011-10-24 1.7MB
bcTerms blog 2012-07
Masters Of The Information blog 2011-03-03
Ben Chadwick - LinkedIn Profile social media
Issues in Document Management website 2011-08
Psychologic Processes in Daily Life With Chronic Whiplash: Relations of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Fear-of-pain to Hourly Pain and Uptime journal article 2010-09 180KB
MARY iPhone App simulation, Version 2 website 2011-08
MARY iPhone App simulation, Version 1 (Mobile optimized) website 2011-08
Shelf Locator Java Applet Java Applet 2011-02
ScOT Hierarchical Relationship Locator (SHiRL) website 2012-05
ScOT modification query form website 2012-06
ScOT Contact Us form website 2012-06
A snapshot of Australian healthcare publications registries and repositories, 2011 journal article 2012-04 4.1MB
Cognitions, coping and the daily experience of chronic pain: An ecological momentary assessment using palm-top computers. conference presentation 2000-11-15
When MARC consumed ScOT:A tale of linked educational metadata conference presentation 2016-01-28 632KB
Curriculum-Engaged School Libraries and Teacher Librarians Value Curriculum-Alignment of Resources conference presentation 2016-09-28 864KB