RDA Browser - Beta

By Ben Chadwick

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Specify a Range and Domain to display all properties in an expandable hierarchy. Click on properties to display details.

NOTE: Expression object properties are not currently available and will be discoverable here as properties with "unspecified" range.

Domain Range



Inverse{{focus_element.inverse_id}}: {{focus_element.inverse}}
Subproperty Of
{{ng_rawdata[par].displayid}}: {{ng_rawdata[par].label}} [{{ng_rawdata[par].domain}}->{{ng_rawdata[par].range}}]
Has Subproperties
{{ng_rawdata[chi].displayid}}: {{ng_rawdata[chi].label}} [{{ng_rawdata[chi].domain}}->{{ng_rawdata[chi].range}}]

JSON-LD data was last downloaded from the RDA Registry on 20 Mar 2022